Eco Naturalure Fruit Fly Bait 150ml


Eco-Naturalure is a Certified Organic concentrate which kills female and male fruit flies. It contains a protein bait which encourags the fruit fly to come and feed, and is applied as a spot spray in 30cm patches around the foliage of plants. The aim is to kill the fruit flies before they sting the fruit and to prevent population numbers exploding later in the season. We recommend applying eco-naturalure as soon as fruit stats forming as flies have been shown to sting green fruit as small as a marble.

Features of Eco-Naturalure include:
– Effective on Queensland and Mediterranean fruit flies
– Attracts and kills male and female fruit flies
– Only requires spot spraying (entire plants and fruit do not need to be sprayed)
– Targets only fruit fly and won’t harm beneficial insects
– No withholding period (even if you get some on the fruit)
– Registered Organic (Australian Organic).

For people fighting the QLD fruit fly (found in all the mainland eastern states) we strongly recommend you also hang an eco-lure trap. This is a very useful monitoring tool to let you know when fruit flies are active and when to start spraying. Unfortunately the eco-lure trap does not work on the Mediterranean fruit fly found in WA.

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